About Us:

Pizza Of Davie has built its business on a strong foundation of excellent quality products, superb customer service and great value. Like a builder who works hard to make sure each foundation of a building is perfect because he wants the building to last, we work hard on the foundation building blocks of its business. Quality is the first building block in the Pizza Of Davie foundation for success. We use only the finest, freshest meats and vegetables possible while making our pizza dough from scratch every day. An equally important second building block – superb customer service. Our store personnel dedicate themselves to making each order fast and right. The mortar in our business is our value-based pricing, which keeps our customers coming back, time and time again.

It’s all about hard work, an honest approach and a commitment to quality in everything we do. Good enough isn’t good enough for us, and it sure isn’t good enough for you. Quality products, superb service and great value; that’s Pizza Of Davie!